The Rich Curriculum

Angel Kindergarten offers children a distinctive educational experience.  

The model was researched in Italy and is implemented throughout the United States.  The thematically driven curriculum is filled with play based learning activities and emphasizes the balance between learning, exploration and personal development.

There are diverse artistic experiences, many kinds of sporting activities, large farms, asand basin, expansive lawns, a dry spray area and unique English drama activities. All these educational activities will cultivate the children and they approach each day with exuberant excitement while learning a variety of skills and subjects. We firmly believe that Angel children develop the life-long habits of inquiry and independent thinking, cultivated by Angel kindergarten and have a solid foundation for their further learning.  

A fusion of Chinese and Western culture through exploring and sharing will cultivate the ability to adapt to any learning environment!

Theme Activities
Art Exploration
Sports Activities
Natural Learning
English Drama
Jelic Program

To develop children’s ability in a variety of core subject and social and emotional areas, base our learning on bilingual themed activities, which are about the nature, society and self-awareness.

The children are able to make connections with their own life experience and the topics are contextualized. The teachers guide the children in how to observe, discuss, practice, explore and solve problems. Materials, time, space as well as leading questions by the teachers, improve the children`s ability to autonomously learn and develop a sense of self-exploration.

To expose the children to both Chinese and Western culture, there are a large number of activities like joint performances, art shows and thematic decorations.

We firmly believe the habit of thinking and the ability to independently think about what they have learned from Angel will make a great difference to their lives.

The learning model of integrating Chinese and Western culture will cultivate children`s ability to adapt to any other environment.

We advocate the theory that childhood is the most energetic and active period.

Angel Kindergarten provides children with various art shows, professional music performances, dance, art and wood craft with a wealth of safe operational tools. Children are stimulated to observe the beauty of our lives with the teachers’ professional guidance. They will use different forms and mediums to present colorful and vivid artistic images, expressing their own understandings and feelings.

We respect their individual personalities and unique language. We hope that their artistic potential and the ability to perceive space can flourish.

Sports activities are essential to children`s social, physical and emotional development. Here in Angel, we have extensive outdoor venues, rich sports equipment and facilities, full-time and professional sports coaches who train and teach children how to play a wide range of sports.

We have a 24-hour heated swimming pool, a golf course, an outside water sprinkler play area for hot summer days, outdoor sports activities, a 200-meter running track and an indoor "physical cycle" around a 8-meter wide corridor. Golf, swimming, basketball, football are built in to the curriculum along side compulsory exercise.

We hope their skill, ability, teamwork, as well as sporting spirit will be improved.

Manners and etiquette for children is ranked as the most important quality to nurture in the family home. Good manners should be taught at a very early age because once bad habits form, they are difficult to change.

Good Manners are essential for every child's self confidence and success in life.

Today’s children and families often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment. Angel Kindergarten is a school with 17,000 ㎡ of green land , more than 100 kinds of plants, 1,100 ㎡ of farm, 270㎡ of sand and a 128 ㎡ swimming pool.

Nature is important to children`s development in every way:intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.

Anyonewho has worked with young children knows that they learn chiefly by exploringtheir world using their imagination and engaging in pretend play.

The link between imaginative, or pretend play, andlanguage is particularly strong. Communication and conversation skills developas children develop scenarios.